Thalapathy 69: Conflict with producer!

It has been reported that the production company has withdrawn from the film 'Commander 69' starring actor Vijay.

Actor Vijay is currently working on the movie. The film is directed by venkat Prabhu. The final shooting of the film, which is being produced by AGS, is currently taking place in Russia. Actor Vijay is about to start his next film task, with his hand in the film. Since that is his last film, the expectation of the commander 69 film is already in color.

H vinoth, Vijay

Meanwhile, as director H. Vinod has finally got the opportunity as various directors competed with the opportunity to direct the film. It is also said that the Commander's 69 Pakka will be a political film as he has already stated in several interviews that he will direct a political film with Vijay. The film was reportedly produced by TVV Tanayya, who produced the film rrr Blockbuster hit.

Vijay Last Movie

However, no official announcement has been made about it, according to reports that TVV is now withdrawing from the film 69. It is said that the company had tried to sell its ODI and satellite rights before the announcement was made, and it was said that the actor did not clean up Vijay.

Thalapathy 69

Since TVV quit, there has been a fierce rivalry between sun Pictures, Seven Screen, and AGS. TVV has offered a salary of Rs 250 crore for Vijay. It is questionable whether other products will be paid the same salary as the company is currently withdrawn

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