Who got shatrughan sinha out of 'Sholay'? 

There are many such historical films in indian cinema and no matter how many times you watch them, you do not get bored. One of them is 'Sholay', every character of which is still fresh in the minds of the fans. 'Sholay', released in 1975, was an iconic film that not only achieved success at the box office but was also successful in creating a special place in the hearts of people. 'Jai' and 'Gabbar' are two superhit characters in the film that were earlier offered to shatrughan sinha, but he could not do it.

Shatrughan Sinha got two iconic roles of 'Sholay' at different times, yet he could not be a part of the film. Once he rejected the role and second time the opportunity passed him by. Veteran actor shatrughan sinha, while talking openly about this, has revealed the reasons for both.

Why didn't shatrughan sinha do the role of 'Gabbar'?

In the year 1969, shatrughan sinha made his bollywood debut with the film prem Pujari. During that period, he played villain roles in many films and became a hit. A few years passed and Ramesh Sippy started searching for the star cast of 'Sholay'. The role of 'Gabbar' was offered to shatrughan sinha because at that time he was being liked as a villain, but shatrughan sinha wanted to change his negative image, hence he refused the role of 'Gabbar'. After this, this role was given to Amjad Khan, and people still like that role.

How did amitabh bachchan replace Shatrughan Sinha?

Ramesh Sippy, director of the film Sholay, was looking for 'Jai' and was not able to find any right actor. Then his father GP Sippy had suggested the name of Shatrughan Sinha. When he went to shatrughan sinha with the offer, he had many films. He asked Ramesh Sippy if he wanted a date but Ramesh Sippy was entangled in some other problem. The writers of the film Sholay, Salim-Javed had suggested the name of amitabh bachchan to Ramesh Sippy for the role of Jai, but Ramesh Sippy's father had suggested the name of Shatrughan Sinha. Ramesh Sippy was not able to understand whether to listen to his father or Salim-Javed. At the same time, when shatrughan sinha was repeatedly asking Ramesh Sippy for a date, Ramesh Sippy did not answer him properly.

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