After 22 years, the second part of Vikram's super hit film is being made. Seiyan gave a hit!

There is a buzz in the kollywood industry that the second part of Vikram's super duper hit movie is going to be made after 22 years.

 Under the direction of director Saran, the second part of the gangster film gemini, which was released in the year 2002 and made a big breakthrough in actor Seyan Vikram's film career, is being made in the kollywood film industry.

 In 1990, vikram made his debut in tamil cinema as a young hero with the film 'En Kaadhal Kanmani'. While the first film was a failure for him, after this his films like 'Tandhu Vedi Manii', 'Kadhal Geetham' and 'Meera' were followed by failure.

Vikram New Movie

Vikram started acting in telugu and malayalam films while tamil films did not give him a hand and was fully focused on it for more than 7 years. However, he could not hold the position of a stable hero in those languages.

 However, Vikram, who was determined to win the film industry, gave a re-entry to tamil in the film 'Ullasaam'. The film, in which he acted with Ajith, became his starting point again in Tamil. Following this, Sethu, directed by bala in 1999, not only earned him the name Seiyaan among fans but also won many awards.

After the success of the film, he chose to act in films like Kasi, gemini, Samurai, King, Powder, etc. which were successful in Tamil. In this case, actor vikram is said to be acting in the second part of the 2002 film gemini after 22 years.

 Directed by Saran, the film featured kiran Rathore opposite Vikram. Also, Kalabhavan Mani, Manorama, Vinu Chakraborty, Murali, Charlie, Ramesh Khanna, Thamu, Vayapuri and many other celebrities acted. The movie, which was released as a commercial film with a gangster story, action, love, and comedy, is very famous for the dialogue "Oh Podu" and Vikram's style.

As if to confirm that the second part of the film is now in the making, actor vikram took to his social media page to share a picture with his signature style and captioned it, "Thank you so much for showering me with your love. In a few days, guess what?? Don't forget to put 'Oh ' fans are commenting that it is certain that gemini part 2 will be made by this

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