RJ Bravo: Are there so many things in the BigPass show? RJ Pravo, who broke the secrets that no one has ever said!

RJ Pravo has shared many things we do not know yet.RJ Pravo, who went into the Bigpas house on the 28th day of the BigPass Season 7 show, which was held last January. Though from tamil Nadu, he is famous for working as a tamil RJ on FM radio abroad. Without any controversy, he left within a few weeks.

 In a recent event, he said some of the things that no one has said about Bigpas. If one goes into the BigPass house, they will be isolated at the hotel a day ago. The possessions they are taking will be allowed to take the clothes on the BigPass crew. Although BigPass claims to be purchased by the cell phone, they have only purchased before attending the show without coming to the hotel.


Bigpas home dresses have some conditions. That is, Nike, and Puma, should not wear branded clothes. Even if you write something like a little bit, you will hide it. The ruler said that even if the competitor in inside, even if he leaves in the same week, he has to carry the clothes for 30 days.

And if the health is not correct, even if the medicine pill goes ... they will not allow them inside. He said that the pill would be placed in the storeroom when they were to be put on the pill. He also said that there are conditions that the BigPass should not wear too much design and wear certain colored clothes. It is worth noting that some contestants have previously mentioned BigPass, but have not said such information

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