Vaadivaasal: Is Surya's Vaadivaasal? The director who put an end to the rituals?

Vetrimaaran Vaadivaasal: Vadivasal is the film 'Surya' directed by famous director Vijayamaran. It is also worth noting that the graphics work for the film is being done abroad.

The director was born in 1975 in Cuddalore. Vijayamaran, who was studying for his degree in Chennai, came to the screen field due to the attraction of director Balu Mahendra. In 2007, dhanush starred in the film "Polladhavan" and became the director of the tamil film industry.

After that, in 2011, the famous actor dhanush produced the film 'Aadukalam' and won the National Award for Best director for the film. Subsequently, Vijayamaran directed many hit films such as "Inquiry", "Vadasenai" and "Monster".

In this case, Vijayamaran, who directed the first part of the film "Liberation" released in 2023, completely broke the image of the comedy actor Surin and gave him to the tamil screen world. He is currently running the second part of the film.

In the last few months, many reports have revealed that the film "Vadivasal", which was working with famous actor surya, has now been abandoned. When I asked the successor to participate in a show, the film "Vadivasal" I started with surya is very important and it is not possible to abandon it.

He has officially said that he has been required to take the second part of the film, so he will start the "Vadivasal" film as soon as he has completed the work. It is now reported that surya did not withdraw from the film and that surya and surya would start the Vadivasal film soon.

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