Good days for the state only. Balakrishna..?

During the andhra pradesh Assembly elections ( ap elections 2024 ), all the major leaders have intensified their campaigns. Criticizing opponents. In this order, hindupuram mla and tdp leader Nandamuri balakrishna Srisatyasai undertook the Swarnandhra Sakara yatra in kadiri of the district. In a public meeting, he said that the people of the state are being sucked by psycho jagan like water. He criticized that they were protecting those who brought their mother and sister on the road and killed their father. In Rayalaseema, Chandrababu is shedding irrigation water, but jagan is shedding blood, he alleged. They were fired to the extreme and all the communities were flooded with a single chance. balakrishna jagan warned the people to be vigilant against the ycp government as the state will deteriorate if it comes back to power.

Many welfare schemes were introduced for Muslims during the tdp regime. Those schemes were canceled after jagan came. Better days will come for the state only if the psycho-government is thrown out. Kandikunta Venkata prasad is the man who has been living for you for 20 years. Win the person who stands for public welfare. Don't be fooled by money, alcohol and meat in the coming battle. ycp should be defeated in a landslide.

Meanwhile.. Swarnandhra Sakara yatra hindupuram mla balakrishna participated in the election campaign. This trip started from kadiri of Sathya Sai district. balakrishna reached kadiri by helicopter from hyderabad and visited Shri kadiri Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy. Visited Amritavalli Amma and performed a special pooja. Later they accepted the tirtha prasads offered by the temple priests.

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