The mystery of the murder of amar singh Chamkila…

Singer amar singh, who ruled people's hearts with his songs in the 1980s, was the most popular star in the world of bright punjabi music. During that period, Chamkila's cassettes were mostly recorded and sold. Chamkila ruled the punjabi music industry for almost 8 years. After this, on march 8, 1988, Chamkila became the victim of separatist bullets. Chamkila's painful death shook everyone. His journey from Dhani ram to amar singh Chamkila was quite impressive.

Born on July 21, 1960 in Dugri village of Ludhiana, Dhani ram had to work in a garment factory due to his proximity. On december 7, 1975, at the age of just 16, Dhaniram got married to Gurmail Kaur. After marriage, two girls were born in his house. However, Dhani Ram's dream was something else. He wanted to become a big singer. Whenever he got time, he started writing songs. What he needed was a master and he got it. Seeing Dhani Ram's talent, Ustad hired him and by singing his song, Ustad also became a superhit. After which Dhani ram himself started singing his songs and within no time he became a superhit singer. His master and singer Surinder Shinda was happy with Dhaniram and named him amar singh Chamkila.

Chamkila paired up with Amarjot Kaur

Around 1977, Surinder Shinda sang the song written by Chamkila and it became a superhit. From here his luck opened. Then in 1980, the album named Takue Te Takua Khadku was Chamkila's first album. This album took him to the pinnacle of success. He sang with Surinder sonia on this album. At that time, more money was earned from the Akharas set up in punjab than from the albums. So Chamkila and Surinder sonia together started setting up Akharas but sonia used to give them less money due to which the pair broke up. After this, he started singing with female singer Amarjot Kaur and their pairing started being liked a lot in Punjab. Chamkila did not want their couple to break up, so despite being married, Chamkila married Amarjot Kaur for the second time. The duo gave many superhit songs.

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