Redin Kingsley's wife sangeetha gave a cool reply to a netizen who made a rude comment.

Actor Redin Kingsley's wife Sangeeta has given a classy reply to the netizen who made rude comments about her.

Redin Kingsley is a comedy actor in the tamil film industry. He became famous with the film Kolamavu Gokila directed by Nelson, and has acted in the films of leading actors like Doctor, Beast, and Jailer, and is currently crawling as a good comedian. He currently has dozens of films at his disposal. Redin Kingsley, 46, got married last year.

He is married to serial actress Sangeetha. This is actress Sangeeta's second marriage. The couple, who had been in love for many years, had a simple marriage in a temple. Even after marriage, both of them are acting as PCs. sangeetha is currently acting in sun TV's serial Vaanath Pola. Apart from this, Sangeeta has acted in some films including Vijay's Master.

It is common for film and small-screen actresses to have more followers on social media. To attract them, Sangeeta regularly posts photoshoots or video reels in different clothes. In a YouTube channel interview, Sangeeta was asked what her reply was to the comments posted by netizens on one of her Reels videos.

Accordingly, Sangeeta spoke about someone commenting under a photo that she is arresting beauty and requested Senchu to post a lot of comments like this. Similarly, in another comment, someone has posted that it looks like Sangeeta should be killed. To this, Sangeeta coolly replied that it is difficult in this life, but you can try it in the next life. His interview is going viral.

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