"Unthankful Ranjith"- Popular director Pa Ranjith is being slammed by netizens

Netizens Slam Pa Ranjith: Popular director Pa Ranjith is being slammed by netizens. Do you know why? You can see about it in this post.

Netizens slam Ranjith after a video goes viral on the internet. See what Ranjith did in that video

Pa made his debut as a director in the tamil film world with the movie "Attakathi" which was released in tamil in 2012. Ranjith. He is still a very good director who has carved his own path and traveled it. Many movies released under his direction have become hit movies.

Especially when the movie "Madras" which was released under his direction in 2014 was well received by the people, then in 2016 and 2018 he gave two huge hits with superstar Rajinikanth "Kabali" and "Kaala".

Currently, he has directed a movie called "Thangalan" directed by Vikram. The movie will hit the theaters soon. In this context, the hashtag #thankyou_bad_ranjith is being shared virally on the X page. When I searched for the reason for this, I found a video.

In a recent program in which Ranjith participated, the host of the program asked Ranjith a question. You are the one who made Rajini talk about Dalit politics, but does he know what it is? Don't you know? I don't know, Ba Ranjith immediately laughs after hearing this.

Netizens are criticizing Rajinikanth in a big way saying that this is like insulting them. It is also worth noting that the hashtag Ranjith who is ungrateful is trending.

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