"Aaruchami hand in hand with a lion".. This is hari Cinematic Universe - mass information told by him!

Hari Cinematic Universe: Famous director hari is the king of commercial films in tamil cinema. Under his direction, Vishal's Ratnam film has been produced.

Director hari opens up about his hari cinematic universe merging Singam and Samy

About 22 years ago, hari made his debut in the tamil film world as a director with Top Star Prashanth's film "Tamil" which was released in 2002. From that day till today, all the movies released under his direction have become super hit movies.

"Sammy", "Kovil", "Arul", "Aiya", "Aaru" and "Thamirabharani" were consecutive hit films by director Hari, who released the movie "Singam" in the last year 2010 starring famous actor Suriya. So far this movie has been released in three parts and is getting a good response among the fans.

Hari, who had directed Arun Vijay's movie "Yanai" which was released in 2022, has now directed the movie "Ratnam" with famous actor Vishal. The movie will hit theaters soon. In this case, director Hari, who was involved in the promotion of the film, was asked about the cinematic universe.

Responding to that, hari has said that he is planning to combine his character from the movie Singam and the character Aaru Sami from the movie Sami in one scene. That is, he has said that he tried to set up scenes where Duraisingham is coming with his wife on a bike, Aurusamy is coming with his wife Trisha in a car, and they are talking at the same place.

But he also said that he abandoned it later as it was a commercial film. But today's directors are handling that strategy very well, especially director hari has praised director lokesh kanagaraj saying that it is a pleasure to set the stage of his story brilliantly.

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