Shahrukh Khan: Shahrukh won the hearts of the fans, king Khan again became the hero of the fans by doing a unique work, and the video went viral.

Bollywood actor shahrukh khan has once again done such a feat, after seeing that his fans have become his biggest fans. This video of his is going viral on social media. Bollywood king shahrukh khan is known for his generosity. His excellent acting and his nature make him completely different from other actors. That's why he is called the king of Bollywood. He keeps proving his greatness often. Even during the IPL match something happened, after seeing that no one would be able to live without praising him.

Shahrukh Khan won the hearts of fans

After the end of the match of 'KKR', a fan of shahrukh khan made a video of him. Which this Jabra fan later shared on his social media platform. This video of his is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is visible in this video that despite being such a big superstar in bollywood, shahrukh khan did such a thing, which proves that he is a down-to-earth person. Yesterday the match of 'KKR' took place at Eden Gordon in Kolkata. During this time, shahrukh khan was also present there to cheer up his team. After the end of the match, everyone left from there. But when shahrukh khan saw the flags of 'Kolkata Knight Riders' lying down in the seating area, king Khan himself started collecting them.

Shahrukh Khan's viral video

It is visible in the video that Shahrukh is lying on the seats of the VIP section and picking up the KKR flags thrown on the ground. Seeing Shahrukh doing such a thing, his fans shout his name loudly. Some fans ask SRK to shake hands. After cleaning the place, Shahrukh turns and gives a flying kiss to his fans. After the end of the IPL, shahrukh khan met some players on the cricket pitch and also met some fans. Shahrukh Khan's look looked quite dashing with a KKR T-shirt and messy hair style.

Suhana-Ananya's friendship seen during the match

Kolkata Knight Riders defeated lucknow Super Giants on sunday and won by eight wickets. KKR is in second place with four wins and one loss in five matches. Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan and son Abraham were also seen to watch this match. On this occasion, Suhana was seen with her special friend ananya Pandey. Both of them have also shared some wonderful pictures of it on their social media accounts.

Shahrukh Khan's upcoming film

Talking Shahrukh Khan's upcoming film, he will soon be seen in the film 'King'. Suhana Khan will also be in this film. This will be the first time that father and daughter will be a part of a film together.

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