The first salary of this actress was Rs 500, today crores!!!

Priyamani's name is included among the highest-paid actresses. In the South bollywood film industry, actresses charge crores of rupees for working in a film. priyamani has performed brilliantly in raj and DK's web series 'The Family Man-1' and 'The Family Man 2'. But do you know how much was Priyamani's first earnings? priyamani herself has revealed this.

One of the highest-paid actresses in South

Priyamani started her career at the age of just 18 with the 2003 telugu film Evare Atagadu. His first film ruled the hearts of the audience a lot. After this, the actress made her debut in tamil and malayalam industries with Kangalal Kaidhu Sei and Satyam. At present, priyamani is one of the highest-paid actresses of South India.

Priyamani's first salary used to be this much.

In an interview, priyamani had revealed about her first salary. When she was asked about one thing that no one knew about her, she said, 'My first earning was only Rs 500 and I consider it priceless', in the same interview she also expressed her wish. The actress said that 'she has to work in a film without makeup.'

The actress had charged Rs 2 crore in 'Jawaan'

Priyamani may have worked in bollywood films like 'Raavan' and 'Rakta Charitra 2', but she made more headlines with 'The Family Man' with Manoj Bajpayee. According to reports, he was given Rs 80 lakh for this series. She was seen performing in the song 'One Two Three Four' with shahrukh khan in the film chennai Express. She also played the role of lakshmi in the 2023 blockbuster film 'Jawaan'. He charged Rs 2 crore for this high-octane action thriller film.

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