Where the singer of the song 'Bheege Lip Tere' gone missing? 

Everyone noticed emraan hashmi and mallika sherawat in the 2004 film Murder, but perhaps they forgot one singer. The singer who gave a superhit song like 'Bheege Lip Tere' and the very first song made him a star. The name of that singer is Kunal Ganjawala, he has been away from the industry for a long time but there is a place where he is active and connected with the fans.

Kunal Ganjawala, who presents songs in films in a different style, has not sung songs in films for a long time. Now fans want to know where he is. So today, on the occasion of his 52nd birthday, let us tell you who is Kunal Ganjawala, how did he got his first break, and which songs has he sung.

Who is Kunal Ganjalawala?

Kunal Ganjawala was born on 14 april 1972 in Pune. He has sung songs in hindi and kannada films as a playback singer. Kunal Ganjawala himself had told in an interview that before singing in films, he used to sing jingles. He used to get Rs 1500 for one jingle. The actor's earnings were going on like this but a time came when he got the song 'Murder'.

Kunal Ganjawala's ragging changed his fate

Kunal Ganjawala had told in an interview that at the time of college, he had no thoughts of becoming a singer. Neither did he learn music nor was anyone from his family interested in singing. When Kunal Ganjawala was admitted in the first year at Mumbai's Elephantine college, one day he came face to face with the seniors. He asked Kunal to sing a song and he refused again and again. But when the seniors forced him to sing, Kunal sang the songs 'Nazar Ke Samne' and 'Ek Din Bik Jayega'. The seniors were quite impressed after listening to these songs and asked them to sing in the college festival. When he sang, people praised him, and from then on his interest in singing increased. Someone heard his song and recommended his name to Mahesh Bhatt. mahesh bhatt asked him to sing 'Bheege Lip Tere' and it is not hidden from anyone how much of a hit it was.

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