Salman Khan is scared of bullets fired outside his house! 

The firing took place outside the house of bollywood superstar salman khan around 5 am on Sunday. Two unidentified people ran away after firing outside Galaxy Apartment in Bandra. After this incident, mumbai Police and Crime Branch immediately reached the superstar's house and started an investigation. There has been a stir all around after shots were fired outside the superstar's house in broad daylight. Bhaijaan's fans are also very nervous.

Salman Khan is scared of bullets fired outside his house

Amidst all this, salman Khan's reaction has now come to light. Bhaijaan is extremely scared after the firing outside the house. During a Zoom tv conversation, a source close to the Khan family said that 'Salman Khan is worried about his family. He has no concern for his own life. But they cannot risk their family's lives.

Father Salim is preparing to shift to another place

A close source further said, 'Salman Khan has calmed himself down at this time. Everyone in the Khan family is nervous from within but no one is letting it show on their face. Everyone is standing courageously with each other. But everyone knows that salim khan has had sleepless nights since the day he received death threats. Now he has decided to leave Galaxy Apartment. They are now planning to shift to a better and safer place.

At present, the forensic team and mumbai Police are engaged in the investigation of this case. After this incident, the security of the entire area has been increased. CCTV footage of the attackers firing has also surfaced. Let us tell you that salman khan has been receiving death threats for a long time.

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