Aishwarya Shankar - Tarun's wedding was grand! Celebrities including Rajini, Kamal, and Nayanthara congratulated in person!

Aishwarya, the daughter of famous director Shankar, got married for the second time to deputy director tarun, and many celebrities attended and congratulated her. Photos of this are now going viral.

 Shankar has made a special place for himself in the hearts of fans by directing films with different storylines in tamil cinema. He is currently directing the film 'Indian 3' after completing the film 'Indian 2' with global hero Kamal Haasan. Similarly, the film 'Game Changer' directed by telugu film actor ram Sarani is also releasing soon. It has been announced that indian 2 will hit the screens after the elections...that is, in June. Similarly, the release date of ram Charan's film will be announced soon, said the film team.

Director shankar conducts his daughter's 2nd wedding in Jam Jamnu... chief minister Stalin greets him in person. 50 Crores per film will be hugely popular, director shankar has been lamenting his eldest daughter's marital life for the last few years.

Aishwarya shankar and Rohit Damodaran, who was the captain of the TNPL madurai Panthers cricket team, got married at a star hotel in mahabalipuram in 2021 during Corona. Due to the Corona restrictions, only close relatives from shankar and Rohit's house attended the wedding. Following this, the news of Rohit sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl caused a stir. Based on the girl's complaint, Rohit was arrested and jailed under the POCSO Act. The affair created a storm in the married life of Aishwarya-Rohit, who separated from Rohit within a few months of their marriage and came back to her parents' house.

Aishwarya shankar went to court and divorced Rohit. When aishwarya was only 28 years old, shankar and his family decided to give her a second marriage. Paying extra attention to his daughter's life, shankar decided to get her married to tarun Karthikeyan, who had worked as his assistant director for many years. Aishwarya - Tarun's wedding engagement was completed three months ago in a grand manner, today the wedding took place. Many celebrities like Rajini, Kamal, Nayanthara, Nalini, Vikram, and mani ratnam attended the grand wedding in Chennai. These photos are going viral.

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