Thalapathy Vijay who incites bloodlust.. Complaint of excitement in the DGP office - what is the reason? Full Details!

Complaint Against Thalapathy Vijay: The first single of the movie GOAT was released yesterday in the voice of Thalapathy Vijay. In this case, a complaint has been filed in chennai DGP office against it.

"The Greatest of All Time" is Thalapathy Vijay's debut film under the direction of famous director Venkat Prabhu. While famous music composer yuvan shankar raja is composing the music for this movie, yesterday the first single song from this movie was released with lyrics by madan Karki. Since the release of this song, his fans have been making it viral to a great extent, and now a complaint has been lodged against the song "Whistle Bodu" in the chennai DGP office. In it... "Actor Vijay is constantly working to promote the issue and support drugs. I would like to point out here that even in the movie Leo he released a song supporting drugs".

"Vijay's lyrics in his voice, which are now released on all websites, are causing riots in the country and supporting alcoholism. Especially in the line "Let's start party one?", according to the Censorship Board's bill, there should be awareness text in places where drugs and liquor bottles are shown, but actor Vijay did not. Didn't"."Athiradi khalakattuuma? Sempaina than pakhaattuuma? Continually there is a line in tamil cinema to support drugs and rowdyism among the youth"."Let's take the mic? Let's take the mic in tamil Nadu's political leaders, especially Seeman, actor Kamal, and Mansoor ali Khan, is hurtful and verbally harassing."It is noted in the complaint that "Idi Idicha N Vaisla Than Vedi Vedicha N Boyz Than", whoever complains about actor Vijay, they are threatening those concerned with the words "Vedicha N Boyz Than" in a threatening tone.

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