Parineeti Chopra: After marriage with Raghav Chadha, Parineeti got interested in politics, but has this complaint with her husband.

Actress parineeti chopra is in the news these days for the film 'Amar Singh Chamkila'. He is getting a lot of praise for his acting in this film. Parineeti remains in the limelight regarding her personal life. Last year, she married aam aadmi party leader Raghav Chadha. Both of them got married in a grand ceremony in Udayarpur. Before marriage, Parineeti had no interest in politics at all. She had even claimed during an interview that she would not marry any politician. However, Pari is not only married to a political personality, but now the actress has started taking an interest in politics as well.

Recently, during a conversation, parineeti chopra said that now she has started taking an interest in politics. During this, Parineeti also remembered her first meeting with Raghav, when she had no idea about Raghav Chadha's work. Parineeti admitted that now she follows politics. The actress said, 'Now I have to do it'.

However, Parineeti has a complaint against her husband Raghav. The actress said, 'My complaint is that he is not interested in entertainment.' When Parineeti was asked which movie Raghav watched last, the actress said, 'God only knows.' Or only they know.

Parineeti revealed that she had to tell Raghav due to his lack of knowledge about films. Parineeti revealed that Raghav has little knowledge of films, but is good at music. However, he also failed to recognize the songs from Parineeti's films. Pari said that little knowledge about each other's profession is the most wonderful thing. Due to this, both of them talk more about life, which the actress likes best.

During the conversation, Parineeti revealed that she did not know anything about Raghav when she first met him. He said, 'When people who know about politics came to know about Raghav, they came to me and said, 'You are married to Raghav!' I would say, 'Yes, what's the matter?' Parineeti further said that today she is learning about Raghav's work. He is one of the most influential personalities. He is the youngest MP. At the age of 35, he is a part of this party. When I see them working, I often ask, 'How do you do all this, you are still a child!' How's it going?'

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