Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli's son Akaay looks like his mother, daughter Vamika has gone after daddy

Anushka Sharma was recently seen with her son Akay for the first time. Although photos have not been revealed, here is information about who the little one resembles. Let us tell.

Actress anushka sharma and virat kohli are living the precious moments of their life after the arrival of their son Akay. Let us tell you that the couple welcomed their daughter Vamika in january 2021. After this, their family was completed with the arrival of their son Akay on 15 february 2024. Where the couple's fans are eagerly waiting for the faces of their children. Meanwhile, a report has given information about who the small children resemble.

Akay and Vamika are carbon copies of their parents anushka and Virat.

On april 16, 2024, anushka sharma was seen at mumbai airport with her newborn son Akay. However, when the actress showed her younger son's face to the paparazzi, she asked them not to click on his pictures and promised that she would arrange a program for him. Amidst all this, an insider has revealed details of the baby's face.

Quoting 'BollywoodLife', the insider shared that anushka was very happy to give the paparazzi a glimpse of her son. Furthermore, talking about Akay's face, the insider said that he is an exact carbon copy of his mother and looks extremely cute. His daughter Vamika looks exactly like her father Virat Kohli. 

The source said, “Anushka had not informed the paparazzi about her return, they are usually at the airport and they were lucky to see and interact with her. anushka happily waved at them and looked very happy to be back. anushka greeted all the paparazzi and also gave a glimpse of the baby, he is very cute, looking at him one can guess that he is currently looking like a carbon copy of his mother and Vamika will grow up to be like her father King Kohli. An exact copy has been made.

Anushka and Virat will be careful about their son Akay's face being captured on camera

Additionally, the insider revealed how anushka sharma and virat kohli will be extremely careful this time to hide their son's face from the cameras. The parents do not want a repeat of how their daughter Vamika's face was revealed during Virat's cricket match, in which anushka was seen clapping with the child. 

The source said, "Anushka will follow the 'no pictures policy' for her son Akay too and this time when she will be in the stands to cheer for Virat, she will be careful not to get captured on video." She will take extra precautions. anushka and Virat both are a very private couple and by now their fans know about it and even respect their privacy, so the question of revealing Akay's face depends on the parents. , not on anyone else.

When virat kohli revealed his bonding with his daughter Vamika

Earlier, in a conversation with Robin Uthappa, virat kohli had made some revelations about his daughter Vamika. While both the cricketers had discussed the bonding they share with their children, Virat had revealed that, unlike his tough exterior personality in front of the world, he melts whenever he comes across his daughter Vamika.

When Virat talked about the time he spent during his paternity break

During his first appearance in IPL 2024, virat kohli recalled the precious moments he saw after the birth of his son Akay. He described it as a special time, not only because of the joyous addition to his family but also because he was able to bond with his daughter Vamika. 

In his words, “Of course, having two children makes things completely different from a family point of view. So just the ability to be together, the bond you build with your older child is amazing. I mean, I couldn't be more grateful to god for the opportunity I get to spend time with my family.

For now, we too are eagerly waiting for anushka and Virat to share the first glimpse of their kids. So what do you have to say about this? Please let us know by commenting.

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