When amrita singh was shot because of Saif ali Khan?

Saif ali Khan is living a happy life with his wife Kareena Kapoor and sons Taimur and Jeh. Before Kareena, Saif had a love marriage with amrita Singh. But their marriage did not last long and after a few years both of them separated. You must have heard many stories about Saif and amrita, but today we are going to tell you an interesting incident related to this ex-couple, which you will be surprised to hear. Even though today their relationship has turned sour, there was a time when Saif and amrita used to have a lot of fun together. Once Saif and amrita had played such a prank on a married friend of theirs that amrita would have been shot because of it. This has been revealed by the couple's daughter ali KHAN' target='_blank' title='sara ali khan-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sara ali khan herself.

Saif and amrita singh were made fun of

Sara had told in 'Fit Up with the Stars' that one day my father and mother played a prank with their friend Neelu Merchant and her husband. Both of them had planned to scare by posing as ghosts. He blackened his entire face by applying boot polish on his face. After this, both of them were going inside the couple's bedroom to scare them when the father pushed the mother and closed the gate from outside.

The friend's husband had taken the gun

Sara further says that Ammi's friend got scared after seeing her and started shouting. In this hurry, her husband got up and immediately picked up the gun to kill Amrita. He was about to fire when Ammi shouted, "Wait, don't fire, I am a dinghy." Only then did he lower his gun. Saif and amrita singh got married in the year 1991. But after some time, there was bitterness in their relationship, after which the couple ended their marriage after 13 years. Let us tell you that both of them got divorced in the year 2004. For the divorce, Saif had to pay Rs 5 crore as alimony to amrita and he had to pay Rs 1 lakh every month for the 18 years of his son Ibrahim's expenses.

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