Kamal's hit film is a lie... it's a huge failure - Lingusamy sensational report

Director-producer Lingusamy has released a statement saying he suffered a huge loss from Kamal Haasan's film.

Director Lingusamy

Lingusamy has given blockbuster hits like Anandam, Run, Sandakojhi, and Bhaiya in the tamil film industry. He is both a director and a producer and has produced various hit films through his company tirupati Brothers. Uttama Villain is one of the reasons why the company, that once flew the flag, is not involved in film production. He has said in several interviews that he suffered a huge loss due to the failure of the film.

In this situation, Lingusamy has issued a statement protesting against the journalists saying that Uttama Villain film is profitable. In the statement, "Our company tirupati Brothers has produced and released quality blockbusters like Diwali, Bhaiya, Vedati, Ivan Adhey Mukhu, Case No. 18/9, Kumki, Kolisoda, Manjapai, Chaturanga Vedati, Rajini Murugan, National Awards, and tamil Nadu government Film Awards. It also produced and released padma shri Kamal Haasan's Uttama Villain.

Our first copy-based movie "Uttama Villain" caused huge economic loss and financial crisis for our company. kamal haasan also knows this very well. kamal haasan and his brother Amarar Mr. Chandra Haasan have assured our company that they will act and produce one more film to cover the huge loss of "Uttama Villain".

Uttama Villain

While tirupati Brothers is working on it, a journalist on a popular YOUTUBE channel has given false information today that director Lingusamy has said that Uttama Villain is the biggest profitable film. This is reprehensible. We request you not to spread such wrong and false information on social media," the statement said

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