Aishwarya Rajesh takes off the button of the shirt and is full of glamour!

The photos of actress aishwarya rajesh with her shirt unbuttoned are being seen a lot on social media. Persistence is the ultimate success is a quote that best suits actress aishwarya Rajesh. aishwarya rajesh is the one who went up and down in many film companies as she did not get a chance to play the role of the hero's younger sister or heroine's friend in movies.

After this, I got opportunities to act in some films. That's how the director Pa. Ranjith allowed him to play the role of Amuda in his first film 'Attakathi'. As this character gained attention among fans, she started getting opportunities to act as a heroine.

He continued to be given holy roles in films like Bubhu, Rummy, Panniyar and Padmini. However, aishwarya Rajesh, who was constantly struggling to find a stable place in tamil cinema, was released in the year 2015 and became a big breakthrough. Later, he got the opportunity to act in many films like Aaradu Chinam, hello Naan Bei Pesuruen, Dharmadurai, and Kurame Sanna. But the film that took aishwarya rajesh to the next level was 'Kana' directed by Arun Raja Kamaraj. After this film, he started choosing stories that gave importance to the heroine. He acted in films like Project Two, Bhumika, driver Jamuna, etc. But the films in which she played the heroine of the story did not give much hand.

Apart from tamil cinema, aishwarya Rajesh, who has been focusing on languages like telugu and Malayalam, has been releasing various photo shoot photos to impress her fans. In that way, the photo shoot photos of him wearing only a white shirt are going viral.

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