Kanaka: Who is Kanaka's boyfriend? This is the reason to isolate yourself. The secret of being famous!

While various information is being said about actress Kanaka being single... Journalist Seyyar Balu has revealed what the truth is. Actress Kanaka is the only daughter of legendary actress Devika. Kanaka, who made her debut as a singer in the screen world and wanted to impress all the fans with her voice, unexpectedly got an opportunity to act in cinema. Accordingly, she acted as the heroine in the movie 'Karakatakkaran', directed by director Gangai Amaran, starring actor Ramarajan as the hero. The film was a super duper hit. After the success of this film, Kanaka became a very busy heroine in tamil and got opportunities to pair up with leading actors in tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and other languages. During the 80's and 90's, Kanaka had a huge fan following and acted opposite superstars Rajinikanth, Karthik, Prabhu, Mohanlal, Mammootty, Jayaram, etc.

Even though Kanaka's film career is an open book, various information about his personal life has been circulating. Some of these include rumours. While there is a report that someone cheated on Kanaka by marrying him, some journalists are also saying that he is isolating himself without getting married. Recently, when he tried to interview actress Kutty padmini Kanaka, Kanaka initially spoke well to her, but later said that even when she called, she did not pick up the cell phone. So little padmini said that his actions showed that he didn't want to talk to anyone and even when I stopped at his door, he didn't even let her into the house, causing quite a stir. It is also said that Kanaka, who comes out of the house now and then, has only one attendant. So far Kanaka has been living in solitude, while it remains an incomprehensible mystery, Seiyaru Balu has now shared some information about Kanaka.

In the information given by him, 'an actor got a chance in cinema due to Kanaka's mother Devika and Ramachandran is her son. He was a BA in Kanaka. He has been very honest about going to the shooting with Kanaka, listening to the stories of his films and his salary. Later, Ramachandran fell in love with Kanaka after seeing the way Kanaka treated him with respect. He was in love with Kanaka for many years. But at one point, Kanaka misunderstood Ramachandran and sent him out of the house saying that he would hand him over to the police. A few years later, Ramachandran died, after which Kanaka came to know how much Ramachandran truly loved her. Because of this, Kanaka, who was heartbroken, said that he did not want movies, and that he was living in isolation by keeping himself in prison. This information has shocked many people.

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