Imran Khan: 'If you spend time with film people, it gets tiring', Imran said on his relationship with Lekha

Bollywood actor imran khan has been away from films for a long time. His fans are longing to see him on the big screen. Apart from his professional life, the actor is also in the news for his personal life. Imran is dating actress Lekha Washington. Now after a long time, the actor has spoken openly about his relationship. Let us know what he said.

Imran recently confirmed that he is dating actress Lekha Washington. Along with this, the actor has spoken openly about his relationship with her and told what it is like to date an artist. In his recent interview, the actor revealed that since both of them are from the film industry, their conversations mostly revolve around films. However, she also believes that living with someone who comes from the same industry has its disadvantages as after a point of time it becomes tiring as there is nothing else to talk about.

Emraan admitted that when two actors are in a relationship, they become professional bouncing boards for each other. Imran further said, "It is difficult to keep us quiet about films. I don't stop. I always talk to her about films and being an artist, she always has some ideas... So it's fun."

Describing themselves as a filmy couple, Imran said, "I would say if you spend too much time hanging out with filmy people, it gets tiring very quickly because we talk about anything other than films. Let's not talk."

According to media reports, Imran and Lekha have rented bollywood filmmaker karan Johar's apartment in Bandra, Mumbai and they have started living together.

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