Aayush Sharma: 'Ruslaan' actor Ayush Sharma stated salman khan, saying, 'We will create our own identity'

Ayush Sharma is married to salman Khan's sister Arpita. salman launched his brother-in-law Aayush in the year 2018 with the film 'Loveyatri'. After this, salman Khan was also seen supporting actor Ayush in the film 'Antim'. In such a situation, it is constantly being said that he has the protection of salmandue to which he gets work easily. Now recently Ayush has spoken openly on the tag related to Salman.

Ayush Sharma, brother-in-law of actor salman khan, famously known as dabangg Khan in Bollywood, is busy with the promotion of his next film. He is constantly trying to establish himself as an actor in the industry. Ayush is currently promoting his upcoming film 'Ruslaan'. This is the first time that the actor has done a film outside his family's production. Before this, both his films were made in family production only.

Ayush Sharma is trying to establish himself as an actor with 'Ruslaan'

Ayush is trying his best to establish himself as an actor with 'Ruslaan'. The success of this film is very important for him to establish his foothold in the industry. He had the support of salman in both the films released so far. After tying the knot with Salman's sister Arpita, dabangg Khan launched him in the year 2018 with the film 'Loveyatri'. After this, salman also supported Aayush in the film 'Antim'. In such a situation, it has been continuously said that he has the protection of Salman. Due to Dabang Khan's influence on him, he easily got work in the industry. AYUSH has responded to this issue.

Ayush said that salman Khan's tag is attached

Actor Ayush Sharma is busy these days promoting his upcoming film 'Ruslaan'. During this, he was asked a question about Salman being tagged as an actor. In response to this he said, 'I am not fighting anyone's viewspeople's opinions can be changed only through my work. Apart from this, I do not deny anything that is being said about me. I am grateful to salman for launching me and patronizing me, but now I am coming out of it and I will create my own identity.

Got recognition from 'Last'

Ayush further said, 'My work will speak for me, I will not look back and say that people formed such an opinion about me, now I accept it. My job is to work hard and prove myself. The only way I can change people's opinions about me is to do better. Before the film 'Antim' people had no interest in me, but after 'Antim' I got some recognition. I think your work speaks for you. Talking about the film 'Ruslaan', Ayush is going to be seen in a different avatar. His hard-core action avatar will be seen in this film. Along with Ayush Sharma, famous actors of South cinema Jagapati Babu, Sushri Mishra, and Vidya Malvade will also be seen in important roles in this film.

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