Divyanka Tripathi: Divyanka Tripathi gave information related to her health, and expressed gratitude for prayers.

Information related to the health of actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya has come to light. Divyanka's husband vivek has given this information to the fans by sharing a video of the actress on his Instagram.

TV actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya met with an accident a few days ago. The information about Divyanka's accident was given to her fans by her husband's PR team. However, he did not say much about this. The PR team said that he is under medical care. Now the actress has shared information related to her health and also thanked the fans for their prayers. According to media reports, according to her husband Vivek, after the ligament surgery, she had to undergo another surgery due to an accident.

Discharged from hospital

The actress's husband vivek posted a video on his instagram, in which Divyanka is seen thanking her fans and smiling. The actress shared that her surgery went smoothly and she has been discharged from the hospital. In the video, Divyanka says, 'Hello, my surgery has been done. I am also being discharged from the hospital. How much progress our science has made? My doctors are very happy with the improvement in my health. To be honest, I have already started with my physio because I want to make a comeback.

Divyanka further thanked her fans and says that I want to thank all of you for showing so much love and concern. I got messages from everyone, but I am not able to reply to everyone. I'm sorry about that but I'm mostly busy and in pain. I appreciate everyone's love. Thank you, from the heart!

The PR team had given information

According to media reports, the PR team had earlier shared on its official instagram handle, 'We regret to announce that Vivek's live session scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed until further notice. Divyanka had an accident a few hours ago and is now under medical care. Join us in wishing Divyanka a speedy recovery. vivek looks forward to connecting with you all soon.

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