"Bailwan" who asked a shocking question.

Vishal Rathnam press Meet: Famous actor Vishal's movie Rathnam directed by hari is going to hit the theaters soon.

Ratnam movie

Ratnam is the film in which the famous actor vishal, who has already given many successful films with the famous director Hario, is now acting again under the direction of director Hario. While it was expected to compete with the movie Palace 4, the movie Palace 4 has withdrawn from that competition, and the movie Ratnam is going to release as a single soon.

In this case, such groups are continuously engaged in promotional work. In this context, director hari and actor vishal were answering questions from reporters at a press conference in Chennai.

Participant Ranganathan at the Ratnam press conference

Then famous film critic and veteran journalist Bailwan Ranganathan raised a controversial question about a comment already made by Vishal. You say don't come to make a film with a small budget as it will cause a huge loss to the producers. But movies like Manjummal Boys and Premalu became super hits because they were made on a very low budget and the story was good. Actor vishal suddenly got angry when he heard this and asked what he meant by this and how was this possible.

Vishal's response to Bailwan Ranganathan

When vishal asked who asked this question first, all the reporters said that it was Bailwan Ranganathan sir who asked this question. Immediately vishal said, "Maybe I will not answer him. I will go outside and answer the question asked by Anna. Don't make me speak as a general secretary, I will definitely not answer the question of Naam Bailwan."Veteran actor, journalist, and film critic Bailwan Ranganathan is known for posing many controversial questions. It is noteworthy that he has come under the wrath of tamil cinema fans for talking about actress Meena's marriage recently.

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