Aayush Sharma remembers saying "I'm sorry" to Salman...


Presently, aayush sharma is getting ready for his action-thriller film Ruslaan. Trolls have frequently accused the actor of marrying Arpita Khan in order to get notoriety and financial gain. During an interview with siddharth Kannan for his YouTube channel, Aayush addressed the rumors circulating on social media regarding his job and marriage.

Aayush Sharma acknowledges that acting was not his dream career.

Aayush revealed to siddharth Kannan during their conversation that he married Arpita for financial gain, a story that was propagated by social media. He also talked about how he's frequently been accused of getting married to try to break into Bollywood. "People don't know that I told salman khan that I don't want to pursue acting when I got married," the actor stated. "Believe me, I can't do it. I tried 300 auditions and couldn't even get into two." "Son, your training is not good. I'll train you," salman remarked. He went on, "I am not blowing my brother-in-law's money, as was the storyline created." Shall I divulge my income tax information? Tears filled my eyes when salman contacted me on Loveyatri. I apologized for blowing your money. I was relieved when Antim's wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital rights were sold to OTT and satellite providers."

Salman frequently shares posts expressing his gratitude to Aayush. "Aayush, can see the hard work, effort n dedication put into Ruslaan, no matter what just keep giving it your best," the actor commented on his instagram handle in praise of the film's trailer. Work ethic is usually rewarded. I hope and pray that god blesses you. roaring in theaters on april 26, 2024. For those who don't know, Aayush is wed to Arpita Khan, Salman's sister. Anil Sharma, his father, is a politician for the BJP. In contrast, Pandit Sukh Ram, his grandpa, is a seasoned Congressman.

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