Twinkle Khanna: Has twinkle khanna danced at Dawood Ibrahim's parties? The truth was lifted after one and a half decade

Every week, we see countless speculations about movies, relationships, families, personal lives, and even some topics of entertainment celebrities that are highly discussed in the public domain. At the same time, twinkle khanna has always been a person who has put an end to the rumors forever by attacking the trolls. However, he did not react to the very serious allegation leveled against him almost a decade and a half ago that he had worked for wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Now after 14 years, Twinkle has been seen breaking her silence on this rumor and clarifying her stand -

In 2010, twinkle khanna was accused of performing at parties for underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. These allegations shocked the country as it was discussed loudly everywhere. Now Twinkle has written about the artificial tendency of media in her new column. "We have already seen numerous manipulated news stories, from morphed photos showing Phogat smiling during the wrestler's protest to countless stories about the origins of the coronavirus," he wrote.

Twinkle Khanna further wrote, 'I have also seen my name on the ticker of a mainstream television channel, which said that I had presented a medley of songs for Dawood. Even my kids know that my dancing skills are equivalent to watching a WWF match. news channels should have known that Dawood would have chosen better dancers than me, but such is the world of fake news.

Recently, akshay kumar had come forward to defend his wife. When the actor was asked about the allegations at a press meet in 2010, he said, 'I don't know where all these stories come from. If these stories were true, my house would have been raided. Not a single constable has come. This news upset me, but I have spent 20 years in the industry and I am used to it by now.

Let us inform you that twinkle khanna has taken a break from the world of acting and has become a writer. He has written the book 'Mrs. Funnybones, 'The legend of lakshmi Prasad', 'Pajamas are Forgiving' and 'Welcome to Paradise'. Along with this, she is seen sharing updates related to her life with fans through social media posts.

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