Sadhguru went to Bali for a 10-day trip after a month of brain surgery.

He arrived in Bali, indonesia on a 10-day trip to explore the spiritual and cultural threads between india and Southeast Asia. Isha Foundation founder Sadhguru suddenly fell ill last month. Following this, he was admitted to Apollo Hospital in Delhi, where he underwent brain surgery. Sadhguru had a severe headache and was later diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. Following this he underwent brain surgery. On march 17th, an operation was performed to remove a hemorrhage in the skull," Delhi's Apollo Hospital said. Following this, the hospital reported that his condition was improving. Moreover, Sadhguru recorded a video of the surgery from his hospital bed. prime minister Modi had posted on his X page that he should get well soon.

In this context, Sadhguru is back in action after a month of brain surgery. He voted in the lok sabha elections yesterday. This was followed by a 10-day trip to Bali, indonesia to explore the spiritual and cultural threads between india and Southeast Asia. The minister of Tourism of indonesia Mr. Sandhyaka Uno and indian Ambassador to Bali Dr. shashank Vikram and others gave an enthusiastic welcome to Sadhguru. Before going to cambodia, Sadhguru will visit various spiritual places in the country. Talking to the Indonesian minister, Sadhguru pointed to Odisha's "Bali Jatra", an annual socio-cultural event commemorating Odisha's past association with Bali, and highlighted the historical connection between the two countries. During this event, the people of odisha float small toy boats made of colored paper, dried banana peels, and corks in water bodies across the state to symbolize their ancestors' journey to Bali. During his journey, Sadhguru will explore the science behind the cultures and temples. He is scheduled to visit various ancient energy sites including Pesaki and Tirtha Mbul temples in Bali. Sadhguru's in-depth study of indonesia and cambodia received over 4.37 billion views on social media in 2023 alone. And his videos are expected to provide invaluable insights to the billions who watch them regularly.

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