Names of 1 lakh voters in coimbatore not in the list - annamalai sensational allegation

BJP candidate annamalai has alleged that the names of more than 1 lakh voters in the coimbatore Lok Sabha constituency were not included in the list. coimbatore Parliamentary Constituency bjp candidate and bjp State President met the media after inspecting the annamalai polling station. He then said that the husband has a vote in one place and the wife in one place. Some places have one. The other does not. The votes of 830 people have been canceled in a single polling station. This time the votes of one lakh people have been systematically deleted. I don't know what the election commission is doing. If it's one or two, no problem. A large number of votes have been destroyed at once. Apart from all this, people are voting enthusiastically. Many have come from abroad. They are also denied the right to vote. This problem exists in all areas like Palladam, Sulur, and Coimbatore.

I don't know in what logic they have done that. We have heard of re-registration in places where many voters have been removed from the same place. Transport facilities are not provided for the elderly. All non-voters are educated. A vote can be registered till 6 pm. Those who come at 6 o'clock have a chance to vote till 7 o'clock by giving a token. Even from the district election Officer, there is no proper response. More than 20 votes per booth removed. There is a doubt whether there is politics in the deletion of names from the voter list. Most of the votes have been removed from the BJP. We are going to bring these things to the attention of the election officials immediately in an honest manner. Two hundred votes have been deleted at one place in the Theppakulam area. We are documenting these and giving them to the election officer. Counting one lakh voters is a huge task. The husband has a vote and the wife does not. In many places, there is no vote. By and large, the situation is the same in all the booths. annamalai said that polling is delayed in many places due to this.

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