Mouni Roy: sandeep singh broke his silence on Mouni breaking friendship after Sushant's death, saying - 'I feel very bad...'

Producer of films like 'Jhund' and 'Sarbjit' sandeep singh has recently talked about his strained relationship with actress Mouni Roy. She recently revealed how their friendship had deteriorated after they got embroiled in the controversy over actor sushant singh Rajput's death. The director of the film 'Safed' said that after his name was linked to the Sushant controversy, Mouni ended all relations with him.

Expressing his disappointment, sandeep singh said that Mouni used to be his close friend, who used to hang out with him. She used to attend events with him. She also introduced him to her future husband. He said that when the controversy arose after Sushant's death, Mouni distanced herself and unfollowed him on instagram also.

He had also offered Mouni and Sushant's ex-girlfriend ankita lokhande a role in his film, but after Sushant's death, both of them backed out. sandeep singh said, 'I am very hurt by Mouni Roy. I felt very bad. She was one of my best friends. She used to follow me on Instagram. We used to hang out together and go for lunch and dinner. Whenever she wanted to meet a big filmmaker, I used to go with her.

Sandeep said, 'I also met her husband Sooraj Nambiar long before their marriage, when the sushant singh rajput controversy broke, she was the first person to step away. He unfollowed me. Singh revealed that Mouni not only stopped responding to his messages but also dropped him from his wedding guest list.

Sandeep Singh had to face investigation after the death of sushant singh Rajput. sushant singh rajput said goodbye to the world on june 14, 2020. sandeep singh said, 'He did not dare to invite me to his wedding. But I want to tell Mouni that if anything wrong happens to her, I will be the first person to go to her.

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