Sanjay Dutt said this about his daughter Trishala…?

Bollywood's Sanju baba i.e. sanjay dutt has won the hearts of people by changing from a 'hero' to a 'villain'. He has been entertaining people through films for almost four decades. Along with films, he has also been in the news for his personal life. Recently, an old video of 'Sanju Baba' went viral, in which he revealed the real reason why he did not want his daughter Trishala Dutt to become an actress.

sanjay dutt was strongly against making his daughter a heroine!

In an interview in 2012, sanjay dutt revealed his plan to bring his daughter Trishala to Bollywood. When the actor was asked about his daughter, he said that he was upset with her desire to enter the industry. sanjay dutt said, 'Trishala is a forensic scientist. He has such a good job. Then why would I want him to come into this industry and work his ass off? Let us tell you that Sanjay Dutt's first marriage was with Richa Sharma. Richa and Sanjay also have a daughter, Trishala Dutt. Trishala lives in the US with her maternal grandparents. After Richa, Sanjay married Rhea Pillai and after separating from her, Manyata Dutt. Trishala rarely comes to India. Actor Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala Dutt often shares her photos on social media.

Sanjay and richa sharma later got divorced. Trishala lives in America and is a psychotherapist. sanjay dutt and richa sharma were married in 1987. He died in 1996 due to a brain tumor.

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