Harshika Poonacha publicly attacked and abused her husband.

kannada actress Harshika Poonacha is currently in the news. The actress and her husband have been attacked by a mob in Bangalore. Harshika has also shared a video of this on social media. Harshika shared the video of the incident that happened to her and also told why people attacked her, which everyone was surprised to hear. Apart from the attack, some people have also tried to snatch the belongings of the actress's husband.

Harshika Poonacha's car attacked

Harshika Poonacha has shared many video clips on her social media. In these videos, it is seen how some people are attacking Harshika and her family. Harshika is seen sitting in the car with her husband. Meanwhile, his vehicle is surrounded from all sides and attempts are made to attack him. In the rest of the video clips, it is seen that the miscreants try to snatch her husband's phone.

In these videos, Harshika has shown the faces of all those miscreants very well. While sharing the video, the actress has also explained the reason behind the attack. According to Harshika, some people got angry at her because she spoke in Kannada.

He abused me and even tried to hit me in the face

Harshika said that- 'She had gone with her family to have dinner at a restaurant on Masjid Road in Pulikeshi nagar of Fraser City. It was during this time that this incident happened to him. He said that some people suddenly came near our car and started arguing that the car was too big. If the vehicle goes ahead, they may get hit. The actress further said- But my father had ignored this. We told them to step aside. But they started abusing us. He was saying in his language that kannada people should be taught a lesson. An attempt was also made to hit him in the face.

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