Bainder: charlie is the hero of the story! Finder is based on a true story. How is it?

In this post, we will see how the film "Finder" which has been developed as a sprawling thriller has been released in theaters since april 20. Produced by Rajeef Subramaniam under Arabi production, the film "Finder" based on a true story, starring charlie in the lead role, is releasing in theaters worldwide on april 20. The film, which has been made with the efforts of newcomers, has Tamil's Munnani character actor charlie in an important role. The film revolves around Charlie, who goes to jail for a crime he did not commit, and tries to reunite with his family.

The film gives a thrilling thriller experience with exciting scenes and action twists as how the man handling Charlie's case solves the background of the crime and saves Charlie. Although almost all the newcomers are in the film, the acting and technology have been perfected in everything and it has been garnering praise from the fans. Their performance in the roles of charlie and Sendrayan has been attracting the fans a lot. director Vinod Rajendran, who has directed the film and played the lead role, has given an excellent performance without looking like a newcomer. Let's wait and see if this film made on a small budget attracts the fans.The screenplay of the film is set in the backdrop of Chennai, based on a true story about an organization that finds people who have been in jail for a long time for crimes they did not commit, proves them innocent, and gets the government compensation for the victim. Significant

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