Stars show so many tantrums, farah khan revealed...

Bollywood filmmaker and choreographer farah khan has recently revealed in her vlog how demanding the stars are on shoots. In his YouTube blog, he said that some stars ask for up to four vanity vans even before starting their day's work on the set.

'Until the demand is met...'

Farah Khan recently went to the Iftar party at deepika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim's house. farah khan spoke openly about those stars who demanded a pickle vanity van before starting the shooting. Farah further said that some celebs in the industry require four vanity vans for their use. Apart from this, the choreographer also said that the stars start work only when their vanity vans come to the set.

Farah made a shocking revelation about stars

In a recent video, the filmmaker discussed how film stars are demanding, with everyone needing four vanity vans in the beginning. While speaking in a YouTube vlog with tv actress deepika Kakkar and her husband Shoaib Ibrahim, Farah revealed the behind-the-scenes needs of the stars.

While talking to deepika Kakkar, he shared, 'They don't start work until the vans come. Nowadays every actor has at least four vans for himself. One is for his gym, one for his staff, one for himself, and one for the vanity food truck. With this, Farah remembered those days, when the actress used to change her clothes behind the trees, and during outdoor shooting, we used to stand holding her towels, but now the stars do not start working until their vanity. The van does not come.

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