Started his career by working in a bank.

There comes an opportunity in everyone's life in which he has to prove himself. If you consider the opportunity in front of you and work hard on it, then that opportunity becomes a golden chance. A similar opportunity was given to a Marathi actor who started working in films but got popularity from a tv serial. The actor became so famous in that character that people started calling him by the same onscreen name. The name of that actor is shivaji Satam who is a well-known face of Marathi and hindi films.

Shivaji Satam has been active in the industry for about 35 years and is a popular face. Shivaji's popular show is 'CID' in which he played the role of ACP Pradyuman. This character of his became memorable. This year shivaji Satam is celebrating his 74th birthday. On this occasion, let us tell you the story of their struggle and success.

Family background of shivaji Satam

Shivaji Satam was born on 21 april 1950 in Deogarh, maharashtra in a Hindu Marathi family. He did his schooling at a school in Mumbai. After this, he completed his further studies at a boarding school in Deolali. shivaji has graduated in Chemistry from Maharishi Dayanand College, Mumbai. After this he earned a diploma in business Management. According to reports, shivaji was clear from the beginning that he wanted to work in a bank. But something else was written in his destiny.

Shivaji Satam's struggle and first film

Shivaji applied to many banks and got a job as a cashier in the Central Bank. He worked there for a few years and after that became the Inspection Officer of shivaji Bank. During that time, he started doing theater and his inclination increased towards Marathi films. He started his acting career in Marathi films in 1975 and left his bank job.

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