Secret relationship with an actress...!? king of Love..!!

In this collection, we will see the famous hero who became the mother of 2 children without marrying the actress he fell in love with. gemini ganesan is known as the king of love in tamil cinema. Not only in cinema but also in real life, he is crawling as the king of love. gemini ganesan was married three times. His first wife's name was Alamelu and his second wife's name was Savitri. The third wife's name is Juliana. Apart from this, he has a family with another actress without marriage. The name of the actress is Pushpavalli. She got married in 1940. But after six years of separation from her husband, pushpavalli became acquainted with gemini ganesan when she acted in the film Miss Malini. That habit eventually turned into love, and the two became close. The couple, who lived as husband and wife without marriage, have two daughters.
The names of those women were rekha and Radha. Both of them have acted in movies. In this, Radha acted in only a few films and got married and settled in America. But rekha started acting in cinema from the age of 12 and made her debut as a heroine in a bollywood film at the age of 15. It fulfilled her mother's dream of making rekha a heroine. Later, rekha, who gradually became a pan-India actress by acting in various languages like tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, was celebrated as a lady superstar at that time. Like Pushpavalli, Rekha's first marriage ended in divorce. But rekha, who did not marry a second time despite getting caught up in gossip with the actors, is now 69 and still single. It is noteworthy that Rekha's mother pushpavalli passed away in 1991.

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