How is Divyanka Tripathi's condition after the accident? 

Divyanka Tripathi had an accident recently. The bone of the actress's hand was broken in this accident. Divyanka had to be admitted to the hospital for hand surgery. Divyanka's husband and actor vivek Dahiya had given this information to her fans. Now the actress has been discharged from the hospital. Divyanka herself has given this information to the fans and has also shared her health update.

Vivek Dahiya is continuously sharing Divyanka's health updates. He has been taking care of his wife Divyanka since the accident. Now the actor has shared a video on his instagram story. In this video, she has introduced the fans to Divyanka in which the actress herself has shared her health update with the fans.

Divyanka discharged from the hospital

In the video, vivek is heard saying, 'Look I have good news for you guys.' After this, he turns the camera towards Divyanka. During this time, Divyanka is seen sitting on the bed in the hospital room. He has a plaster on one hand and a drip on the other.

Divyanka gave her health update

Divyanka says hi to her fans gives her a health update and says that she has undergone surgery and today she has been discharged from the hospital. The actress says- ' surgery has been done. I am also getting discharged finally. I have done all the packing. The doctors are also very happy with my recovery. I have also started my physio because I want to recover soon. Thank you very much to all of you for loving me so much and worrying about me so much. But I apologize to everyone because I was not able to answer everyone.

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