Salman Khan met Sanjay Dutt's son, an old glimpse of 'Sanju-Bhaijaan'!!!

The friendship of some stars is quite famous in Bollywood. One of them is salman khan and sanjay dutt whose friendship has been going on for years. salman considers sanjay dutt as his elder brother and their bonding is always seen in films or events. Recently a video surfaced. salman met Sanju's son Shahran Dutt and that video is going viral. Seeing Shahraan, you will be reminded of Sanjay Dutt's childhood. Recently salman khan was in Dubai. From where many pictures and videos emerged. Meanwhile, a video went viral rapidly. In this video, salman khan is seen with his special friend Sanjay Dutt's son Shahran Dutt. Looking at Shahran in this video, it seems that he is exactly like his father Sanju. As soon as this video surfaced, it started going viral.

Shahran Dutt met salman Khan

When salman khan arrived at a fight show, many celebs met him. This video has been shared by fighter Shahzeb Rind. In its caption, he wrote some things for salman khan, 'I have been watching salman Khan's fight scenes since childhood, now getting a chance to fight in front of him is a big thing. love you, Bhaijaan'

Abdu Rojik is also seen in this video but the entire limelight of this video was grabbed by Sanjay Dutt's son Shahran Dutt. salman khan is looking handsome as always in black suit. Whereas Shahran is wearing a black t-shirt and pants. Both of them hugged each other. In length, Shahran has become equal to the height of Salman. Although sanjay dutt is taller than salman and Shahran is still 13 years old.

If we talk about sanjay dutt and salman khan, their friendship dates back to the 80's. The family background of both is filmy and their friendship is famous in the entire industry. sanjay dutt and salman khan have done a lot of cameos in each other's films. Which includes films like 'Ready', 'Tees Maar Khan', Son of Sardar', and 'And Yeh Hai Jalwa'. salman and Sanjay have done films together like 'Saajan', 'Chal Mere Bhai' and 'Dus'. Sanjay and salman have also hosted a season of 'Bigg Boss'.

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