Durai: Do you know who is National Award director Durai?

 Is he the director of these super-hit films? Rare information! Who is the famous director Durai who directed many timeless films in Tamil? In this collection, you can see what films he has directed. director Durai was born on 25th february 1940 in Tiruvallur district. From a young age, he decided to direct films due to his interest in films and worked as an assistant director for some directors and later became a director. Apart from being a director, he is also known as a screenwriter and film producer. director Durai, who has worked in tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, kannada and hindi films, has directed 46 films so far. He has also received many awards including the tamil Nadu government Award, National Award, Film Fare Award, and Kalaimamani Award for Best Director. Who are the top 10 popular actors in march 2024? ajith doesn't list it... do you know any place for Vijay? At a time when films were usually made with only men as the protagonists in tamil, his directing with women as the centerpiece surprised many. Who is director Durai and directed films in full detail mma director Durai, in 1974, directed the film 'Avalum Penthane' starring sumitra and R. muthu Raman, in which he talked about sex workers. The film was a huge success both critically and at the box office. Following this, in 1975, he directed the film Oru Kudumbathin Kathi and registered his next success in tamil cinema. Keerthy suresh Love: Is this actress Keerthy Suresh's boyfriend of 13 years? Getting married soon with a big place boy..! 60 Days of Desire (1976), Raghupathi Raghavan rajaram (1977), Sin's Wages (1978), One house One World (1978), Chatrangam (1978), A Thousand Births (1978), Hunger (1979), Duty Chest (1979) Light Born (1979), Nia (1979), Golden Age (1980), Maria My darling (1980), She's an Epic (1981), Peacock (1981), The Lonely Tree (1981), Clinches (1981), Companion (1982), Ilham as Vidharunna Bengutty (1982), Two Gulab (1983), Bed Pyar Aur Baab (1984), Veli (1985), One Man One wife (1986), Veerapandian(1987), Butterfly in the Desert (1988) New Chapter (1990) He has directed many films. Who is director Durai and he directed films full details mma ivana enjoying the wind blowing rain... without a drop of make-up unbuttoned! Photos It is noteworthy that the films released under his direction like Aalum Ben Thana, Neeya, Pasi, Clinchals, New Chapter, and Aasa 60 Nana have been talked about a lot till now. Many of his assistant directors are leading directors in tamil cinema today. In 2011, he served as a jury member on behalf of the 58th National Film Awards (India). Notably, till 2011, he was also the vice-president of the South indian Film Writers Association.

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