What is this new trend? Castle gift given by the producer to the Star film director before the release of the film

The producer of Gavin's upcoming film Star has gifted Ilan with a lavish gift.

Gavin's Star

After the success of the film Tata, there is a lot of anticipation for Gavin's films. The movie Star is currently being made in his acting. The film is directed by Ilan, the director of Pyaar prema Kaadhal. Aditi Bohankar and Preethi Mukundan have acted opposite actor Gavin in the film. Veteran actor Lal plays the role of actor Gavin's father in the film.

Star Release Date

Star movie is composed by Yuvan shankar Raja. The songs of the film have also been released and are getting a good response among the fans. The movie Star is slated to hit theaters on May 10. Santhanam's Inga Nan Than Kingu and Aamir's Vavi Tamilukku are competing with the film.

 Expectations are rising for the film Star

Star film has high expectations among the fans. Both the film's director Ilan and actor Kavin have joined the film after giving blockbuster hits. Thus, it is expected that Star film will attract the fans. The film is produced by Sagar Bendela under Rise east Entertainment. He had previously produced a web series called Paper Rocket directed by Krithika Udayanidhi.

A castely gift for director Ilan

Before the release of the film Star, the producer Sagar gave a gift to the director of the film Ilan. Usually, the film is a hit but the director will gift a car or a bike. But the star film producer has bought a flat in hyderabad for director Ilan. Ilan excitedly says that the producer gave him this surprise gift when he invited him to watch the film.

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