Dara Singh used to remain hungry for nine hours..?

The impression that Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, released in 1987, has left on people's hearts is difficult to erase for centuries. Even after this, many directors made Ramayana, but all of them pale in comparison to the Ramayana of Arun Govil and deepika Chikhlia. dara singh played the role of Hanuman in this. Whenever Hanuman is remembered, the character of dara singh comes to mind. Today Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated across the country. On this special occasion, we tell you how much hard work and passion dara singh showed to become Hanuman.

Make-up used to last three hours

It is said that when dara singh was offered this role, he refused to do it. But later dara singh created such magic in this character that no one has been able to forget till date. During the interview, dara singh had told that there was a mold mask on his face, which was very difficult to remove again and again. It took about three to four hours to set the entire look. This was the reason why he was not able to eat anything for about 8-9 hours.

Dara Singh's passion to become Hanuman

At that time, there were not many facilities for VFX and makeup, which is why dara singh had to work so hard to become Hanuman. However, dara singh never complained to anyone for remaining hungry for so long. Dara Singh's son Vindu dara singh talked about his father's character during an interview. He said, Ramanand Sagar had made up his mind to cast my father in Ramayana, but he had refused. He had said that people would laugh at me after seeing such a jumpy character at this age. But Ramanand Sagar could not think of anyone else for the role of Hanuman, so he again talked to Dara Singh. Later he too could not refuse the role of Hanuman.

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