Ashok Galla, the nephew of superstar mahesh babu and the son of Telugudesam mp Jayadev Galla, made his hero debut in the sriram Aditya-directed film "Hero" a long time ago. After that, he created the unreleased movie Devaki Nandana Vasudeva. This is his third, which now has the support of a major production company.

Narne Nithin, the brother-in-law of hero Jr. NTR, seems to have gotten a break thanks to sithara Entertainments' "MAD" film. Now that he's taking on Ashok's third picture, which is being helmed by rookie Udhbhav, it appears he will provide Mahesh's nephew a similar opportunity. The famed Liberty statue is seen kicking back in a chair and saying, "Happy Birthday, ashok Mawaa," in the film's funny teaser poster. The narrative is about a person who recently moved to the United States, as the ad also suggests.

Even if the idea may not be really new, sithara Vamsi is reportedly attempting to inject a lot of fun, as seen by the recent developments of Tillu Square and MAD from their complex. Having said that, ashok galla is reportedly preparing for the part properly since he needs a successful blockbuster to get his career off to a great start.

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