Kalki 2898 AD.. amitabh bachchan as Ashwatthama.. Is the cruelly cursed ashwatthama still alive?

Amitabh Bachchan is playing ashwathama in kalki 2898 AD. Who is this Ashwathama? What was his role in Vyasa's Mahabharata? Is he still alive today? Let's see in detail

Amitabh Bachchan Plays ashwatthama in kalki 2898 AD: Who is He and Is ashwatthama Still Alive?

Prabhas is playing the lead role in kalki 2898 AD directed by Nag Ashwin. It is said that the film, which is being developed as a superhero fantasy film, will also have mythological elements. The director has also said that this story starts from the time of Mahabharata and will continue for many centuries in the future. The film stars amitabh bachchan, Kamal Haasan, deepika Padukone, disha patani and others. santhosh narayanan composed the music for the film. Touted to be a pan india film, the film is the most awaited film of the year.

Meanwhile, the team has released a new video of kalki 2898 AD. This video was released to introduce amitabh Bachchan's character. Accordingly, amitabh bachchan will play the role of Ashwathama. In the video released yesterday, amitabh is seen with several bandages all over his face. A shining bead (gem) is seen on his forehead. A child asks amitabh who are you, god, can you die. Then amitabh said, “I am waiting for the 10th incarnation from the Dwabar Yuga. I am Dronacharya's son, Ashwatthama". But who is this Ashwatthama? What is his role in Mahabharata written by Vyasa? Is he still alive today? Let's see it in detail.

Who is this Ashwatthama?

Ashwatthama was the son of Dronacharya who was the guru of the Pandavas and Kauravas. ashwatthama, who had many talents at an early age, was as skilled as arjuna and Karna in the bow. ashwatthama was one of the 5 people who knew Brahmastra. ashwatthama, who wished for a happy life at an early age, went to Duryodhana.

Duryodhana placed ashwatthama next to Karna. ashwatthama has many merits as a warrior capable of war and blessed with sagavara at birth. ashwatthama plays an important role in the Mahabharata. He fought against the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war, in which ashwatthama killed countless people.

Why did ashwatthama kill the sons of the Pandavas?

During the Kurukshetra war, Dronacharya is killed when krishna and the Pandavas stop the war after hearing the news that ashwatthama, an elephant, has died. ashwatthama was enraged when he learned that his father had been killed in battle. On the night of the 10th day of the war, he entered the camp of the Pandavas and killed the five children of Draupadi.

Curse given by Krishna:

On hearing this news, arjuna and krishna fought with Ashwatthama. arjuna and ashwatthama launched powerful Brahmastra weapons capable of destroying the world. But then the Devas intervened and told them to take back the weapons saying that if these weapons clashed then the world would be destroyed. Thus arjun took back the Brahmastra. But ashwatthama did not know how to do it. But Brahmastra will destroy any target. He set the goal of the Brahmastra to destroy all the babies in the wombs of the wives of the Pandavas.

Abhimanyu's wife wanted to destroy the baby in the womb of Uttara. However, krishna brought the dead child back to life. krishna also gave a cruel curse to Ashwatthama. In it, "Unhealed wounds occur all over the body and blood keeps coming from the body. No human will help you, you must wander alone in the forest as man and beast. krishna cursed that any fellow should wander for 3000 years without anyone to talk to. ashwatthama was born with a bell on his forehead at birth, which is believed to protect him from hunger, thirst, and fatigue. Lord krishna is said to have plucked the bell from Abhimanyu's forehead while trying to destroy Abhimanyu's child.

Is ashwatthama still alive?

Ashwatthama is said to have wandered the earth for his sins. Although there is no evidence that ashwatthama is still alive, many believe that he is still serving his punishment on earth.

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