Vishal: What if I follow the Thalapathy style? Why did you cycle to vote? The answer was given by himself!

Actor Vishal: Ratnam is a new movie directed by hari starring famous actor Vishal. The film will soon hit the theaters. The film crew is busy with the promotion of the film. Actor and producer vishal clarifies why he went in the cycle to vote . vishal is an actor who is a leading action hero and producer in the tamil film industry. It is noteworthy that vishal, who is the President of the Producers' Association and the General Secretary of the Actors' Association, has been acting in many films and producing some films."Ratnam" is the film in which he is teaming up with famous director hari again in this context. As the film has been released in theaters soon, the entire crew is involved in the promotion work. In this case, the Ratnam team participated in a press conference in Chennai.

Then to vishal, is he following Vijay's style? Questions were asked about In particular, this time actor vishal was asked about voting on a bicycle, just as Vijay had already voted on a bicycle. To this, he replied, I like Vijay a lot."But I didn't vote on a bicycle because he did, because I don't have another vehicle. I have one for my parents, and I've sold all the other vehicles I have. And if I drive a new car with the state of the roads here now, I'll spend a month alone on the suspension." A sum will have to be spent"."So now I am using it only on cycle. Even when I moved from Karaikudi to Trichy recently, after sending the household goods in the cart, I cycled 83 km listening to ilayaraja songs and Yuvan songs." That's why I followed Vijay's actions and did not go on a bicycle. I voted on a bicycle because I didn't have any other vehicle. Sometimes even for shooting, I go by bicycle," he replied.

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