Sona Mohapatra: Sona Mohapatra's unique style in 'Santi Akhiyaan', copied the look of a Mexican artist

Sona Mahapatra and ram sampath have taken inspiration from Mexican painter Frida Kahlo for their video song 'Santi Akhiyaan'. Bollywood singer Sona Mahapatra is often in the headlines on social media. people also like Sona's voice very much. sona mohapatra and music composer ram sampat have once again come up with an explosive musical video. The name of this video song is 'Senti Akhiyan'. For this song, Sona has taken inspiration from Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Sona Mohapatra said

“I have always been inspired by the fearless spirit, art, and signature fashion of legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. As a student, I got the postcard prints of all her paintings framed and put them on the walls of my hostel.'' Further, sona mohapatra said, ''I love the way Frida poses while getting photographed. I like that she (Frida) had bushy and arched eyebrows, and wore clothes of any color. As a Mexican he made me feel more proud and confident in my roots.”

Ram Sampat is important

Composer and indian musician ram sampath has been a part of this important journey with me for two decades. When it comes to creating music for us, ram sampath creates his best music. Sona Mahapatra said, “It was Ram Sampat's idea to make a music video where Sona and Frida meet. Ram sampath feels that you will find Latin American flavor in the music of 'Santi Akhiyaan'. This music reflects many things that are related to our background. It also reflects simple love, which is considered beautiful in the eyes of common people.

Sona Mahapatra said, “A new filmmaker has joined our team, whose name is Aerophysio. Aerophysio helps us with today's technology and AI. It has guitar, harmonium, and many such fusions, which will give a glimpse of the Latin style. I think if Frida were alive today, she would be very happy dancing to this song.

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