This is how varun dhawan, became the chocolate Boy of B-Town!!!

It is said that hard work changes the destiny of a person. If someone is determined to do something, he will achieve it. This suits varun dhawan perfectly. No one knew that this boy working in a nightclub would one day become such a big actor. varun dhawan is celebrating his 37th birthday on 24th April. Even though varun is the son of a filmmaker, it has not been easy for him to earn a name in the film industry. So let us know.

When father refused to launch his son.

Actor varun dhawan, who has worked in more than 15 films in his decade-long career, does not need any identity today. His acting in films like october and badlapur has been highly appreciated. He always wanted to become an actor, which is why after completing his management degree, varun dhawan returned to mumbai from England. Even though varun Dhawan's father was from a film background, he had refused to launch him under his home production.

Varun was an assistant before becoming an actor.

Varun Dhawan's father David dhawan wanted his son to find work himself. According to india Times, varun dhawan also worked in nightclubs before coming into the film world. However, after returning to india, he started working as an assistant with karan Johar. Perhaps few people know that before debuting in 'Student of the Year', varun dhawan had worked as an assistant director in  Shahrukh Khan 's film 'My Name is Khan'.

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