The film "Gangs of Godavari," which stars Vishwaksen in the major role, has been delayed several times since december of last year. Production is still ongoing, with a May 17th release date planned. However, the Godavari Gangs stand to gain a great deal from "Tillu Square's" success for a specific reason.

Apparently, many people questioned why naga Vamsi's story-picking skills declined after the box office failure of the movie "Aadikeshava." Fans of this production company have suffered because of the film's cliched, mass-produced plot. Next was guntur Kaaram, a box office success for vamsi despite criticism from certain fans who thought Trivikram's film was unremarkable. At that point, Tillu Square took moviegoers by surprise. The comedy picture received overwhelmingly favourable reviews and even crossed the ₹100 crores gross mark without any special premieres or anything of the kind. That has now restored faith in naga Vamsi's ability to select box office-performing pictures.

All of this wonderful energy and discourse will now benefit his upcoming release, Vishwaksen's Gangs of Godavari. There was significant hostility around the movie since it was repeatedly postponed, but Tillu Square's success would surpass it. Also, the sithara factor may cause a major event in the movie.

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