'No Pics Please': Inappropriate Angles, Paps & Female Actors

More recently, nora fatehi, Mrunal Thakur, Palak Tiwari, Ayesha Khan, and several other women actors have refused to pose for paps in a certain manner.

Paparazzi culture is not the same as before in any part of the world. From paps and star kids to pictures of actors in awkward poses, invading private spaces, and more, there is news about everything that paps do in today's day and age. Most recently, nora fatehi, Mrunal Thakur, Palak Tiwari, Ayesha Khan, and several other women actors have refused to pose for paps in a certain manner. Not just women actors, celeb couples who become new parents also refuse to reveal their kids' pictures to paps very willingly. 

Nora Fatehi

More recently, Nora Fatehi in an interaction with News18 Showsha spoke about the paps zooming into women actors' body parts unnecessarily. She had told news 18, "I guess they’ve never seen a bu*t like that before. It is what it is. The media doesn’t just do it to me but to other female actors also. Maybe they don’t zoom into their bu*t because it’s not exciting but they zoom into their other body parts unnecessarily. Sometimes, I think that there’s nothing to zoom into, so what are they focusing on?” 

"Their intention (photographers) behind zooming in is maybe wrong but that’s a separate conversation. I can’t grab each person and teach them a lesson. But I still move around the way I move and I’m very confident in my body,” the actor added. 

Ayesha Khan

Not just Nora, 'Bigg Boss 17' fame Ayesha Khan also blasted the paparazzi for taking pictures of women from various angles when they did not approve. In a statement that Ayesha put out on her instagram story some time ago, she called the paps 'irritatingand questioned social media outlets about their 'basic manners'.

“What are these angles? Where are you Zooming? Consent? What is wrong with some of the media houses? Can’t a woman dress the way she wants without having the fear god knows from where anyone would click what angle. Obnoxious!”

A woman is adjusting her dress before stepping out of the car and you want to capture that exact moment and post, a woman is saying don’t capture me from the back. Tadaa!,The caption for her post read, “XYZ” says don’t click from behind. Some of our media houses need to learn basic manners.”

Mrunal Thakur

Earlier Mrunal Thakur was papped at a red carpet event when she was awaiting the release of 'The Family Staralongside Vijay Deverakonda. Mrunal wore a black bodycon dress with a thigh-high slit. When the paps asked her to give a back pose, she refused and said, "Aapke camera patch he cayenne ( your cameras will manage to take pictures anyway).

Palak Tiwari

Palak Tiwari, one of Bollywood's newest faces, was papped by the media in a yellow jumpsuit. While Shweta Twiari's daughter posed for the paps, she asked them to refrain from sharing pictures from the back. However, the paps continued to do so which led her to reprimand them again.

0Pap culture

Despite the many riffs, there have been times that the paps have also adhered to instructions by actors, and celebs to not take pictures in several moments. Take Virat, Anushka's daughter Vamika for instance, or when priyanka chopra almost fell at a red carpet event.

Nevertheless, in today's day and age, celebrity status cannot survive the buzz without pop culture.

The paparazzi culture in india began in the late 90s. Ever since then to what it has become now with access to social media everywhere, the game has changed altogether. Several times, there have been riffs between the actors and paps, or new bollywood parents and the paps, or leaked pictures of rumored couples or from film sets. Nevertheless, the pap culture continues to boom on and off social media.

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