For those aspiring to act alongside kollywood star Suriya, an opportunity may soon present itself. Suriya's 44th film, directed by karthik Subbaraj, has been officially announced, following the release of "Kanguva". Pre-production work is underway for this project, with the production team conducting a star hunt to discover fresh talent.

A casting call advertisement titled 'Casting Call for surya 44' has been circulated on social media by Chitraunit, inviting interested actors of all ages, regardless of language, to apply. This presents a rare chance for individuals aged eight to 80 to audition for a role alongside Suriya, offering a platform for aspiring actors to showcase their talent and potentially land a significant role in the film.

Similarly, director Buchi Babu conducted a star hunt for his film RC 16, specifically targeting regions in Uttarandhra, such as Kavala in srikakulam and vijayanagaram districts. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds of aspiring actors participating in the auditions. Such initiatives provide opportunities for individuals without prior industry connections to break into the film industry and prove their acting abilities.

These platforms serve as pathways for newcomers to establish themselves in the industry and potentially change their lives through their talent. Many successful individuals in the industry have risen from humble beginnings through similar opportunities. As the casting process for Suriya's film progresses, it remains to be seen how many aspiring actors will be selected to feature alongside the star.

Currently, Suriya is engrossed in his role in the period film "Kanguva", where he portrays dual characters. Notably, Suriya is also producing this film with a substantial budget, highlighting his commitment to delivering high-quality cinema.

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